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Just when you thought 100% was the limit!

Just when you thought 100% was the limit!

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NellyCorp agents are also investors, business owners, executives and other pillars of our community. Together, since 1997, we have created a unique company where like-minded professionals learn, network, and grow their real estate business.

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After 24 years in business, we are confident that NellyCorp Realty has the best plan available for Real Estate Agents. Our agents receive 100% commission, get paid on closing day, never pay monthly or miscellaneous fees, receive support from a non-competing managing broker, and have a dedicated management team with over 75 years of combined management experience. And there's way more to talk about! Connect with us today and find out why NellyCorp Realty is the right choice and the best place to grow your business. 

You say "No Monthly Fees". How can you offer this to your agents?

We have been in business since 1997 and we are financially strong. You are an asset to our company and NOT a liability that needs to pay monthly or annual fees to stay on board.

Is there a transaction fee on closed deals?

Yes. NellyCorp has a $299 transaction fee on closed deals and a $99 per lease transaction fee. That's the only fee our agents ever see. Errors and Omissions insurance is included with every transaction fee.

How can you contribute up to $500 per month to your agents marketing budgets?

Our ownership also owns Lakeside Mortgage and Lakeside Insurance. Each of our companies has a marketing budget and we can share it with you. We know if we invest in growing your business, we will grow with you!

Do you work with part-time agents?

Yes! We work with full-time and part-time agents. Some agents close one deal per year while others have closings every month. It's your business. We are here to support you at every level.

Do you require minimum production from your agents?

No. We fully support our agents without the pressure of imposing production requirements. Your real estate career belongs to you, our management doesn’t impose production requirements, we just need to make sure we are available when you need us.


Airline Pilot

20 Year Realtor

25 Year Veteran

30 Year Pro Realtor

40 Year Veteran Agent

Assistant School Principal



Financial Analyst

Former City Inspector

Full time Grandfather

Former Restauranteur

Full-Time Homemaker

Full-Time Mom

Future Owner of NellyCorp

Full-Time Mom

General Contractor

General Contractor

Hi-Rise Property Manager

Government Worker

Hotel Owner

Insurance Agent

IT Consultant

IT Consultant

Law Student

Limo Company Owner


Loan Officer



Multi State Agent


Music Producer and Director

Not-for-Profit Director



Physician Assistant

Project Manager

Property Owner

Project Manager

Real Estate Developer

Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Teams

Real Estate Investor

Residential Loan Officers


Retired Police Officer

Retired IT Specialist

Retired Trader

Retired Trader

Semi Pro Wrestler

School Teacher

Title Company

Warehouse Manager

Yoga Instructor

Wholesale Rep

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